Corporate Overview
September 1st, 1999
As the computer industry entered the age of network system and wireless system. G-net network solutions Co., Ltd. became the most successful distributor in the networking market especially in the network structure equipment, cabling component, and related peripherals products.

Also on October 1st, 1999 to achieve the purpose of maximum customer satisfaction, G-net signed a contract agreement for Authorized Reseller with AMP; a global company which leads the world's cabling solutions and interconnection system.

We offer IT products and network solutions services that help our customers for utilizing information and communication in high quality of speed as:

G-net position to be a major of leading in distribution of IT products and offer high quality network solutions to our customer with the best pre-sales, post-sales and maintenance services

Sales Distribution Department (SDD) 
Distribute in the major part of customers segmented by business

Partners and Dealer.
Master Dealer and Dealer
System Integrator 
Network Installer 
IT Super Store: IT CITY 
SMEs & Corporate end users

Product and service quality 
Rapid market response to timely delivery 
Leading-edge in product technology