Enterprise SFP

With the development of LTE network and the growth for the requirement of roaming data, the CPRI market plays as a very important roll in the optical transmission field. FibreConneX offers 1.25G transceivers to meet the demands of wireless repeater build outs.

For any demo products please contact our distributor in any country you are or contact us at sales@fibreconnex.com

SFP Gigabit 1000Base-SX  (550m.) for CISCO SMB
Compatible BrandCompatible P/NFibreConneX Part No.DescriptionCISCO SMB MGBSX1FXGB-MMSX05-LSGiga..
SFP Gigabit 1000Base-LX/LH  (20km.) for  CISCO SMB
FXGB-SMLX20-LSCompatible BrandCompatible P/NFibreConneX Part No.DescriptionCISCO SMB (Linksys)MGBLX1..
SFP Gigabit 1000Base-SX (550m.) for CISCO
FXGB-MMSX05-CSCompatible BrandCompatible P/NFibreConneX Part No.DescriptionCISCO GLC-SX-MMDFXGB..
SFP Gigabit 1000Base-LX/LH0km.) for CISCO
FXGB-SMLX20-CSCompatible BrandCompatible P/NFibreConneX Part No.DescriptionCISCO GLC-LH-SMDFXGB..
SFP Gigabit 1000Base-T for CISCO
FXGB-RJGT10-CSCompatible BrandCompatible P/NFibreConneX Part No.DescriptionCISCO GLC-TFXGB-RJGT..
SFP Gigabit 1000Base-SX Mini-GBIC with DDM (550m.) HPE
FibreConneX    SFP Optical Transceivers are hot-swappable to maximize uptime and simplify ..
SFP Gigabit 1000Base-LX/LH(20km.) for HPE
FXGB-SMLX20-HECompatible BrandCompatible P/NFibreConneX Part No.DescriptionHPEJD119BFXGB-SMLX20-HEGi..
SFP Gigabit 1000Base-T Mini-GBIC for HPE
FXGB-RJGT10-HECompatible BrandCompatible P/NFibreConneX Part No.DescriptionHPEJ8177CHPE ,FXGB-RJGT10..
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