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WX500 kit, 500MHz Copper test only 


• Advanced cable certification up to 500 MHz

• Certifies to Industry standards – Class D/E/EA & Category 5e/6/6A

• Fast Autotest time of 9 seconds

• Meets TIA and ISO Level IIIe accuracy requirements

• Certification testing of Patch-cords

• Industrial Ethernet testing with M12 connectivity

• Advanced reporting and documentation

• Most affordable certifier for premise cabling and industrial Ethernet

Easy to Use and ruggedized design

WireXpert 500 comes with an intuitive touch sensitive user interface,

featuring bright colour LCD screens designed for industrial, heavy duty usage.

The Dual Control System (DCSTM) – featuring identical devices for remote and main unit – makes it fast and simple to operate the test cycles

Whether used by two technicians or one person working alone, walking time between outlets is minimized

Fast and simple for highest productivity

WireXpert 500 completes CAT 6A certification test in seconds. It offers intuitive navigation through the on screen menus, and generates profes

Proven Accuracy

WireXpert 500 is based on measurement system independently verified by highly respected test laboratories including ETL.

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