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AMP Netconnect OSP (outside plant) Figure 8 Aerial Self Support cables are designed suitably for Outdoor

campus-type UV/harsh outdoor environment protection, Ducted or Underground Conduit service for long runs

between buildings short, medium span aerial installations. Cables are tested to the TIA/EIA 568-C and ISO/IEC

11801:2002, IEC 60794-3-12 ,IEC 60794-3-21, IEC 60794-3-21, EN 60794-3-21:2006 requirements for optical

fiber cable performance, and are designed to exceed all of the performance requirements for current and

proposed applications such as 100BASE-F, 155/622 Mbps ATM Gigabit Ethernet 10Gigabit and 40/100Gbps

Ethernet. The cables are available with Singlemode OS2, 62.5/125µm Extended Grade OM1, 50/125µm OM2,

50/125µm Laser Optimized (XG) OM3 and 50/125µm OM4 Fiber

Specification (Text in brackets […] requires a choice): The optical fiber cable comprise of

[6,12,24,36,48 up to 144] fibers. The cables are of [5,6,8,12] elements

construction and are detailed in performance table, Loose tubes are manufactured from high strength, low

shrinkage PBT compound, and each tube will contain

[6 or 12] optical fibers and a thixotropic jelly, to prevent

water penetration and protect the fibers against shock. Fiber color sequence is complied with TIA 598 C. The

filler elements are manufactured with PE to the same outside diameter as the loose tubes. The elements are SZ

stranded around a non-metallic central strength member (FRP with coating if required) and the formation

retained with polyester water blocking tapes binders. To prevent the ingress of water, the cable core is jelly

filled. Over this core is applied a polyester tape. Finally a black HDPE is sheathed. This sheath is in a figure 8

formation with the upper part carrying a 7X1.2mm (for 4-72Fiber), 7X1.3mm (for 96Fiber), 7X1.6mm (for 

144Fiber) stranded zinc-coated steel strand bearer. The nominal radial thickness of the sheath around the

cable core is 1.5mm, and around the bearer the nominal radial thickness is 1.0mm. The web dimensions are

2.0mm wide X 2.0mm high. 

Shipping and Packaging:

The cable will be shipped on a wooden reel.

Performance Specifications: 

AMP NETCONNECT Optical Fiber Aerial Figure 8 Cable are designed and tested in accordance with TIA-568C.3

and ISO 11801, ITU-T G.652D,Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-20-CORE. Performance specifications are

measured in accordance with the Fiber Optic Test Procedures (EIA/TIA-455 documents) and the test

procedures of IEC 60793-2-50,B1.3 , IEC 60794. 

Mechanical Specification:


Performance Characteristics (meet or exceed EIA/TIA 568-C.3 and ISO/IEC 11801 requirements) 


* To reach 550m on traditional fiber OM2, OM3 Mode Conditioning Lunch Patch Cord is required

** Macro Bending with 100 truns on a 75mm diameter at 850nm and 1300nm for multimode fiber cable

    Macro Bending with 100 turns on a 60mm diameter at 1550nm and 1625nm for singlemode fiber cable

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