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Produced from Electro Galvanized sheet steel with thickness of 1.5 mm, Light weight and completed rust proof.

 Light gray two-tone color by electrostatic powder coating paint and Screen owner logo

 Provide build-in push handle lock at front door.

 Water-proof and ventilation by roofer at side panels.

 Supporting by double steel bar with thickness of 2.0mmat back side .

 Roof cover can be mounted with single of 4 inch ventilating fan to release the accumulated and Thermostat heat inside the cabinet and extend the life of equipment.

Side panels and roof over are water proof by rubber seal.

Provide 3 knock out holes size 3/4 inch and 1 inch for cable entry.

Provide cable wire guide inside the cabinet for manages all the cables .

Provide removable component plate with thickness 1.5mmand studPlate can remove out from the cabinet for convenient to install the equipment.

With stud, plate can be containing double splice tray and 1eaOf 4 outlets power distributions.

 Provide ground wire connecting between structure cabinet and front door.

- Smart monitoring

 ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004


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