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AMP NETCONNECT Category 6 jacks exceed TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 and IEC 60603-7-4 requirements 

for Category 6 component performance. The AMP NETCONNECT Category 6 System complies with

all of the performance requirements for current and proposed applications such as Gigabit Ethernet,

100BASETx, token ring, 155 Mbps ATM, 100 Mbps TP-PMD, ISDN, analog (broadband, baseband)

and digital video and analog and digital (VoIP) voice. These slim profile jacks are compatible with SL

Series and 110Connect faceplates. Universal wiring labels permit termination to either T568A or

T568B wiring patterns. The jacks are available with and without integral dust covers and in a shielded 

version as well. Cables may be dressed at either 180°

 or 90° for added flexibility at various outlet

locations. Patented bend-limiting strain relief may also be used to reduce stress on cable at point of


Specification (Text in brackets [ ] requires a choice.)

Modular jacks shall be unkeyed, 4-pair and shall meet the Category 6 performance requirements

listed in the following table [include Performance Characteristics table from back page]. Modular jacks

shall fit in a .790" X .582" opening. Modular jacks shall be terminated using 110-style pc board

connectors, colorcoded for both T568A and T568B wiring. The 110-style connectors shall be capable

of terminating 22-24 AWG solid wire. 110 Contacts shall be paired (with additional space between

pairs) to improve crosstalk performance. [Each jack shall be provided with a bend-limiting strain relief.

The strain relief shall provide a “silo” to limit the bend radius at the point of termination (unshielded

jacks only)]. [Each jack shall incorporate an integral, hinged dust cover]. Modular jacks shall utilize a

secondary PC board, separate from the signal path, for crosstalk compensation. Each jack shall be

wired to [T568A or T568B]. Modular jacks shall be UL Listed under file number E81956. Modular jacks 

shall be AMP NETCONNECT part number [insert part number].

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